Chain and Sprocket Drive

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Chain and Sprocket Drive

The racecar must be driven by some kind of mechanical system. In this case, sprockets are attached to the transmission and floating shaft while power is transferred between them by a mechanical chain. Chain drives have several advantages to other methods, some of which are long life, constant ratios, and no slipping. Chains come in a wide variety of pitches, widths and strands so the final design choice is often obtained by searching through manufacturer’s catalogs. The same is true for sprockets, which come in a wide variety of diameters, pitches and widths. There are several factors such as temperature and working conditions that could be taken consideration, but are neglected due to the nature of the car’s use. A sprocket can be modeled as a polygon within a circle. The number of teeth on a sprocket is represented by corners of the polygon that touch the circular boundary. The flat spots between the corners represent spaces between the teeth. This is a model of the speed variation. It is important that the variation in speed be kept as low as possible. This is generally done by increasing the number of teeth. For this particular design given, the driver sprocket has 16 teeth, while the driven sprocket is said to have 46 teeth. The formula for speed variation is provided in the textbook on page 890.
[pic] (Equation 1)
[pic]([pic] (Equation 2)
[pic]([pic] (Equation 3)
Equations 2 and 3 indicate that speed variations are very small so this aspect of the design is acceptable. The next step is to take a second look at the polygon model of the sprocket. A 5/8” pitch chain specified within the design criteria so both the sprockets should have matching pitches to ensure proper meshing. Diametral pitch is defined as the number of teeth on a gear divided by the pitch diameter. To find the diameter of the sprockets, circumference…...

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