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Chapter 12 Eco 102 Hw

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James Middleton CHP 12 HW
#2 Complete the following labor demand table for a firm that is hiring labor competitively and selling its product in a competitive market. A. How many workers will the firm hire if the going wage rate is $27.95? $19.95? Explain why the firm will not hire a larger or smaller number of units of labor at each of these wage rates. Two workers at $27.95 because the MRP of the first worker is $34 and the MRP of the second worker is $28, both exceeding the $27.95 wage. Four workers at $19.95 because workers 1 through 4 have MRPs exceeding the $19.95 wage. The fifth worker’s MRP is only $14 so he or she will not be hired.

B. Show in schedule form and graphically the labor demand curve of this firm.
The demand schedule consists of the first and last columns of the table:

C. Now again determine the firm’s demand curve for labor, assuming that it is selling in an imperfectly competitive market and that, although it can sell 17 units at $2.20 per unit, it must lower product price by 5 cents in order to sell the marginal product of each successive labor unit. Compare this demand curve with that derived in question 2b. Which curve is more elastic? Explain.

Reconstruct the table. New product price data, top to bottom: $2.20; $2.15; $2.10; $2.05; $2.00; $1.95. New total revenue data, top to bottom: $0; $37.40; $66.65; $90.30; $108.65; $120.00; $126.75. New marginal revenue product data, top to bottom: $37.40; $29.25; $23.65; $18.35; $11.35; $6.75. The new labor demand is less elastic. Here, MRP falls because of diminishing returns and because product price declines as output increases. A decrease in the wage rate will produce less of an increase in the quantity of labor demanded, because the output from the added labor will reduce product price and thus MRP.

| | | | | | | Unitsoflabor |…...

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