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Charlie Li
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Change in Human Nature as time goes on

1. Hypothesis: If the test subjects consumed enough water from the fountain of youth, they would start turning young again, their mind will also turn into their teenage years, and become less and less immature

2. Rationale: The water from the fountain of youth will change the appearance and mind of the test subjects, as the water from a past experiment had already changed the appearance of the rose. However these test subjects will not be able to retain their past experiences in life. These test subjects will continue their behaviors from their younger

3. Procedure: 1. Acquire water from fountain of youth 2. Find test subjects and feed them with the water 3. Watch as the test subjects change over time 4. Observe their behaviours

4. Data/Observations: The 4 test subjects exhibited rapid change in appearance, after the changes the 4 test subjects showed disbelieve. After they have confirmed the change, they started to argue over who should hold the hand of widow Wycherly as they were all past lovers of the widow. After their change in physical and emotional experience, however the past experiences from life had not been kept as they continued to behave very immature.

5. Analysis: As the water was consumed, the test subjects began to get younger and younger, however human nature, their ability to remain mature adults, to keep their minds rational, and most importantly they cannot use their past experiences that they have accumulated over decades of time. All these events could have been the result of the magic water grants user their youth, but does not change their roots or their human nature does not change.

6. Conclusion: in conclusion, one person can change their appearance,…...

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