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Debt-free college degree
For all Sources: 1. The article was posted in April 2011. The information is relevant to the questionnaire. 2. The intended audience is to college students, students entering college, and parents who pay for college. It is targeted towards mainstream audience. 3. The author is Fabian Ramirez. Not much authority on the subject matter 4. The author goes into detail about how to avoid college loan debt. 5. The information is unbiased. The article is based off of facts

For a Website: 1. The website is not really reputable other than the fact big banks are sponsored. 2. Bank rate discusses all aspects of financial planning and calculating. Its mission statement is to empower consumers to make effective personal financial decisions. 3. The article is old but the website itself is current. 4. The website is reputable because Vanguard and Ally Bank are sponsored 5. The website is well designed but has a lot of information on the home screen.

Is college worth the cost?
For all sources 1. The article is about 2 years old. The information is relevant to my topic. 2. The intended audience is to students thinking about college. 3. The author is Christina Couch- she has other articles about student debt 4. The author provides a lot of details of the struggles of graduated college student’s difficulty with finding a job and having so much debt. 5. The article is unbiased and has lots of facts and statistics.

Changes afoot in financial aid 1. The article is about 2 years old. It is relevant as it talks about the different changes in financial aid. 2. The intended audience is any student or parent that is going to be paying or applying for financial aid programs 3. The author is Christina Couch- she has written other articles about student loans 4. The author provides plenty…...

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