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China vs Philippines

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Kim T. Ariño

Brgy. Cambalading, Albuera, Leyte

VISION: To establish a strong market presence in Region VIII and to be the top grossing delicacy business within the next five years.

Brgy. Cambalading, Albuera, Leyte

MISSION: 1. Expanding Markets 2. Increasing Profits 3. Satisfying and Surprising customers


1. To establish a strong market presence in Region VIII 2. To satisfy and delight customers. 3. To earn profits and benefits-receive to the stockholders and workers.


KRA | PI’s | | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 1.A PERCENTAGE OF MARKET SUCCESS1.B NUMBER OF STORE OUTLETS | 60%1 | 70%2 | 75%4 | 80%6 | 80%8 | 90%10 | 2.A PERCENTAGE OF REPEATED CUSTOMERS2.B BUDGET FOR SURPRISES AND OCCASIONS | 50%P 1000 | 60%P2000 | 70%P3000 | 75%P5000 | 80%P5000 | 85%P8 - 9000 | 3.A DOUBLE PROFITS3.B BENEFITS AND WAGES3.C NUMBER OF APPLICANTS | 1000030%5 | 1500030%5 | 2000040%15 | 3000050%25 | 4000060%30 | 50000075%40 |

Action Plan
For HGC, General Managers:
Program Objectives: An induction program for new sets of officers to be attended by all company owners, and all employees on November 30,2012 at Cambalading Sports Complex within a budget of P50,000.00.

Program Activities: 1. Call a meeting by all dept. managers for some discussion 2. Meeting…...

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