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Business plan models

Question 1
Business plan models are very crucial in any business organization. This is because they help the entrepreneur to outline what it is required to have a successful business. Here we discuss four different business plan models in the food industry. Each business plan model is different and designed to suit the type of business that one needs to start. The four business plan models that I am going to review are catering and ballroom rental business plan, catering business plan, non- profit food bank business plan and bakery business plan. These four business plan models are similar but they differ in different ways to suite the targeted market.
One of the things that is evident in the four models is that they are all aimed at making profit. This is because the main aim to start any business is for the profits. The other thing that is similar in the four plans is that they all aim at acquiring the largest market share in the industry. This is done by implementing ways and means of attracting and retaining customers that will enable them to achieve the largest market share. The other thing that is similar in the four business models is the cultures and the policies adopted i.e. to offer the best customer service. The other thing that is similar is the business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013). One of the strengths is that the four models that are in the food industry and their strength are that people need food in order for survival. It is depicted that one can never go wrong by starting up a food business. The other thing is the weakness of the four business models which is the use of perishable goods. Once the food is cooked, it can only be consumed in the same day and if not, the remainder is a total waste which translates to a significant…...

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