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2012 Cisco CSR Report
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Supply Chain
Overview Our Supply Chain Embedding Sustainability in Core Business Processes Partnering with Suppliers to Improve Performance and Build Capability Working with Industry Groups

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Supply Chain
We expect our suppliers to meet the same high standards on ethics, labor rights, health and safety, and the environment that we apply to our own people and operations. Cisco works closely with suppliers to manage these sustainability issues and improve their performance throughout the supply chain and at every stage of the lifecycle of our products. We look to use our relationships with our network of suppliers and peer companies to multiply the impact we can have on sustainability in the information and communications technology (ICT) supply chain.

2012 Cisco CSR Report
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2012 Cisco CSR Report Website

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Supply Chain
> Overview Our Supply Chain Embedding Sustainability in Core Business Processes Partnering with Suppliers to Improve Performance and Build Capability Working with Industry Groups

These first five pages give readers an overview of Cisco’s objectives, key challenges, progress, and performance with regard to Supply Chain. We have used this overview as part of our Executive Summary, which can be downloaded here.

We focus our performance monitoring, audit program, and capability building efforts on around 200 preferred suppliers (see page C8) with which we spend approximately 75 percent of our supply chain expenditure. Cisco also plays a broader role in raising standards throughout the ICT supply chain by working directly with suppliers and with peer companies through industry initiatives such as the…...

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