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1.1: Origin of the paper
This report has been prepared to make a study on the “Management Information System of City Bank Ltd” as a part of the fulfillment of report, required for the completion of the course BUS304: Management Information System and Ecommerce of the Business Administration of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.
The report was prepared under the supervision of Dominic S. S. V. Bennett, course instructor of Management Information System and Ecommerce, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. The report was prepared by a group, consisting the member, Sekh Shahnuma Sharmin ID: 112011009, Jenia Sultana Jenny ID: 112011014, Ummay Hani Tanija ID: 112011012 and Shahela Parvin ID: 112011017. The group is thankful to Mr. Dominic S. S. V. Bennett for giving the opportunity to be assigned on such type of topic.
1.2: Objective
The main purpose of the report is to understand the Management Information System of City Bank Ltd.
In broad sense the objectives to be covered under this report are: * To know about how MIS work in City Bank Ltd. * To know about how the Bank take decision with the help of MIS * To know about the security of the MIS * To make recommendations for improving the MIS n City Bank Ltd.
1.3: Scope of the paper
The scope of this report was strictly confined to the official website &contact with particular employee of City Bank Ltd. To collect the information work has been done on the MIS and HR section of the Bank.
The area discussed in the paper is limited in Management Information System only. The information has been collected from the City Bank, Mogbazaar branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
1.4: Methodology
For smooth and accurate study everyone have to follow some rules & regulation. The study impute were collected from only secondary source. * Phone call * Website * Personal…...

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