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September 25, 2009
The article “What it takes to be great,” by Geoffrey Colvin is very well written. Geoffrey Colvin makes valid points to support his opinion on what it takes to be great. I agree with Colvin’s idea that to be great at something it requires hard work. He expands on this by saying it takes “deliberate practice.” What Colvin meant by “deliberate practice,” was that is performing not just to get something done, but to be efficient and push oneself to accomplish more. An example could be playing basketball. If a person shoots one hundred foul shots a day does not mean he or she is deliberately practicing. The best way to get better would be to make sure you made at least 85 out of 100 foul shots per day. Deliberate practicing is pushing you to that next step. After reading this article agree with want Geoffrey Colvin states to become great at a certain activity. I have learned throughout life from my parents and personal experiences, hard work is the only true way to become good at something. No one is born with the wit for chess or the ultimate basketball skills. Everyone who was ever great worked themselves day in and day out. In the article Colvin mentioned that some people are gifted, which gets them an advantage, but that person still has to work as hard as the others to become great. Using professional athletes is a perfect example. Lebron James is arguably going to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Granted he has advantages, 6’8” 270 pounds, and an irregular frame for someone who moves and shoots as he does. Lebron still had to work as hard as he could to get to where he is now. Another example is Kobe Bryant; he was been in the NBA for 14 years and one of the best. He has worked hard, studies the game better than anyone, ultimately becoming one of the best closers…...

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