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As we look back over the history of the human service profession, we see growth in strategies, involvement, accessibility, and education. This field has experienced many great changes that have enabled them to be more efficient to the clients and themselves. Human service professionals remain educated and trained to be reliable resources to those who are in need. As trends continue to change, so does the role human service professionals and how they deliver services.

There has been quite a change is the role of the client in the helping process. For several years, the client was an inactive receiver of services. Involvement of the client in human service delivery has risen significantly. The client is now actively participating in the helping process. This transformation has required attempts from human service professionals to involve the client in the helping process. Forming a collaborative relationship requires skills that foster a trusting environment. After a connection is present, the client develops into an active participant in evaluating the issue/issues and circumstances, gathering information, establishing a strategic plan, and assessing the course of action. “Consequently, the client shares responsibility for the success or failure of the endeavor” (Woodside, 2011). As the client adopts a new part in the helping process, today’s human service professionals require diverse helping skills. “Advocacy—recognized, accepted, and taught as a human service skill—will continue to be emphasized in the future and will be critical for successful service delivery” (Woodside, 2011). “Advocacy denotes speaking out on behalf of clients or those who cannot speak for themselves” (Woodside, 2011). It often encompasses clients, the clients’ relatives, the community, and…...

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