Climate Profiles of Cities Around the World

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Class Project #1 - Climate Profiles of Cities Around The World

Luis Gonzalez
GEOG 1301 - Physical Geography
Bryant Evans

This essay will discuss three cities, Houston, Texas, Alice Springs, Australia and Bridgetown, Barbados. It will emphasize the similarities and differences between them. There will be five factors that will be discussed which are average monthly high and annual temperatures, average monthly low and annual temperatures, average monthly and annual precipitation, average monthly and annual wind speeds, and average monthly and annual evening relative humidity readings. Houston Texas is my birth place. In Houston we have nearly four hundred events throughout the year. There’s fun for all the family from and is a diverse city which contains many cultures. Here are some of the interesting places that this wonderful city has to offer; there is NASA which is 25 miles southeast of downtown. It is like a museum for me but of things from present times, communications and space artifacts. Also, we have Discovery Green which is in downtown Houston. This park is in down town which attract all ages to gather and enjoy the outdoors.
* Houston was founded on August 30, 1836 by brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen * Population-2,099,451 * Houston's latitude is 29 degrees 45 minutes north and its longitude is 95 degrees 22 minutes west * Houston is 43 feet above sea level.

Alice Springs is situated in Northern Territory of Australia. It is located in a strategic location where communication facilities and many industries are flourishing. The town is home to many settlers. Stuart was the name of the town till the 1930 then was giving the name Alice Springs due to the telegraph Station because it was the original site for the white settlers.…...

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