Cold War and Communism

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Cold War and Communism


Suzanne Ogden

Jordan Billings

October 6, 2012

To be under that kind of stress had to wreak havoc on children’s subconscious. I can’t imagine believing that these techniques would protect me from a bomb of that magnitude. I am sure if I had grown up when the government restricted us from information about atomic bombs I would have believed anything. As citizens back then we were led to believe that things would be ok because the government made a video that taught us that duck and cover would somehow save us from harm. This is comparable to what we see on the media everyday about upgraded airport security making our airway travel safer since 9/11. Another very comparable idea now as there was during the cold war would be color coded terror threat level charts. This could be compared to the cold war eras Defcom charts in which the number or color during the terror threat times we have now changes according to the threat level against the United states and its citizens. The United States has always kept list of people they have viewed as a threat. During the cold war error they kept a list of communist or communist sympathizers which was monitored by the FBI. During the era we are in now our government keeps a similar list of people whom they view to be terrorist or possible terrorist sympathizers. One major similarity between the two lists is that you can be on the list just for voicing out your disagreements with how the government is running our country. I think the United States has not changed all that much since then just that new threats replaced the old and there are so many more media sources to inform the public of threats. Over the years the government has become more and more involved in terrorism and…...

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