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College: a Nightmare
A true education is an unnerving experience. Or at least it was for me. I still remember how enthusiastic I felt the day I started college to become a teacher of English. I was convinced I was going to succeed at college because I had the determination and willingness to do so. Everybody kept saying college years are "the best years of your life." But nobody said that college can turn out to be a nightmare and that failure becomes your worst enemy.

The first year at the teaching training college I was like the sun in its full splendour. But as time went by grey clouds began to shut out the sun. Initially, I had a positive attitude towards college and I was full of excitement and anxiety. I had just finished High School in the United States and I was highly confident in myself. For years I have worked hard to be an outstanding student and have not experienced failure many times. To my horror, the years that followed were a constant struggle, full of ups and downs. More downs than ups, I must confess.

At college I met my worst enemy: failure. I got easily discouraged by it. I even questioned if this profession was really what I wanted for the rest of my life. I also discovered that my confidence had dicreased tremendously to the point that I avoided participating in class discussions because I believed my words had no value at all. It seemed as if everything I did was wrong. Even if I had spent hours and hours working on a paper or a project the final result was a negative one. Not to mention the horrible final exams which I had to sit for endlessly times. I felt teachers were not supportive; on the contrary they were the reason why I felt hopelessly lost a number of times.

All in all, after having suffered countless defeats at college I like to think that once the ordeal is over I will not look back and regret all the effort…...

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