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Brittany Morrell
Professor Taylor
Intro to Sociology
27 September 2013
Life Struggles From the article written by Patricia Collins, there are some issues I detected. The issues were that the way how Collins race and gender wasn’t important to society. Collins social location wasn’t matching the standards of her overall high school population.

Collins problem she encountered in high school were the set of values and beliefs that majority of her high school population went by is blocking from what’s she is being taught at home and reflecting on her character. Collins social location was living in an environment as a high school student that was raised in a working class household, it doesn’t match up to the standards of everyone else in high school. So in result, Collins had to speak “so called proper called English” to her teachers and perform all the other behaviors of middle class people in her class to feel accepted. This caused Collins inner character to be virtually educated out of existence. I went to Western High School located in Baltimore, Md. While I was attending this High school, I didn’t experienced similar things as Patricia Collins. Majority of my high school population had the same social location as me. So the values of the working class everybody believed in and met by them. In high school I didn’t have to worry about my race and gender becoming a big problem with my education because my high school was an all-girl school and was predominately African American. Prior to my school being in a city and I didn’t have my license, I had to rely on the public MTA bus or the light as my transportation. I also had to work to provide for myself while my mother were a single parent struggling to pay bills in my household. One thing I can agree to Collins she previously stated in her article was that her working class parents always stressed the…...

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