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The contract of employment is often referred to as the contract of service which in reality is a sub-species of the contract of lease. The employee leases his labour and skill and gets remuneration in return.

Incidents of Employment contract-Vicarious Liability definitions
1. Vicarious liability refers to a situation where someone is held responsible for the actions or omissions of another person. In a workplace context, an employer can be liable for the acts or omissions of its employees, provided it can be shown that they took place in the course of their employment. 2. It is also a situation in which one party is held partly responsible for the unlawful actions of a third party. The third party also may or may not carry any share of the liability. Vicarious liability can arise in situations where one party is supposed to be responsible for (and have control over) a third party, and is negligent in carrying out that responsibility and exercising that control 3. Vicarious liability is a legal term that finds faults in a party that did not injure a person directly. A common situation is where a nurse injures a person and the court finds the hospital and the employer guilt of those damages.

Under federal anti-discrimination law an employer, regardless of their size, may be legally responsible for discrimination and harassment which occurs in the workplace or in connection with a person’s employment unless it can be shown that ‘all reasonable steps’ have been taken to reduce this liability. This legal responsibility is called ‘vicarious liability’. Many employers are unaware that they can be liable for a range of actions committed by their employees in the course of their employment - these can include bullying and harassment, violent or discriminatory acts or even defamation and breach of copyright. It's also possible to take…...

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...UNITED CITY MERCHANTS (INVESTMENTS) LTD. and GLASS FIBRES AND EQUIPMENTS LTD. v ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (INCORPORATED IN CANADA) AND VITROREFUERZOS S.A. (FIRST THIRD PARTY) AND BANCO CONTINENTAL S.A. (SECOND THIRD PARTY) [On appeal from UNITED CITY MERCHANTS (INVESTMENTS) LTD. v. ROYAL BANK OF CANADA] HOUSE OF LORDS [1983] AC 168, [1982] 2 All ER 720, [1982] 2 WLR 1039, [1982] 2 Lloyd's Rep 1 20 May 1982 LORD DIPLOCK. My Lords, this appeal, which is the culmination of protracted litigation, raises two distinct questions of law which it is convenient to deal with separately. The first, which I will call the documentary credit point, relates to the mutual rights and obligations of the confirming bank and the beneficiary under a documentary credit. It is of general importance to all those engaged in the conduct and financing of international trade for it challenges the basic principle of documentary credit operations that banks that are parties to them deal in documents only, not in the goods to which those documents purport to relate. The second question, which I will call the Bretton Woods point, is of less general importance. It turns upon the construction of the Bretton Woods Agreements Order in Council 1946 and its application to the particular fact of the instant case. All parties to the transaction of sale of goods and its financing which have given rise to the appeal were represented at the original hearings before Mocatta J. The sellers and their own merchant bankers to......

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