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Communication and Information Technology
Latasha Wright
June 18, 2012
Patricia Bird

Communication and Information Technology Communication and information technology is frequently used as way to deliver effective communication messages. Many standard organizations such as hospitals and medical facilities continue to find ways to implement and improve communication channels. For these reasons, the use of e-mail communication in the hospital setting should be used as a way to enhance communication and information technology. First, I will explain how efficient and effective e-mail communication improves hospitals’ communication between personnel and patients. Because implementing new forms of technology comes with some advantages and disadvantages; I will discuss the incentives and drawbacks as well as its influences on consumers. Next I will explain the short and long-term financial impact that e-mail communication has on organizations. Then, I will provide technical improvements with e-mail communication in the future and why. Last, I will make necessary recommendations to improve e-mail communication in the hospital environment. My hope is that this essay will provide a better understanding about the use of e-mail communication and how organizations can benefit from its use.
Efficient and Effective A popular form of communication, e-mail communication, is both efficient and effective for organizational use. E-mail communication is said to be efficient and effective because it is an excellent way to exchange vital information to and from caregivers and patients. An efficient and effective message is a message free from miscommunication as well as thoroughly understood by the receiver. The receiver must be able to comprehend what is conveyed to him or her to respond appropriately. For example, messages transmitted to and from…...

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