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Communication in Hsc

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Communication in Health and Social Care organizations

The purpose of this essay is introduced and analyses the central importance of communication in heath and social care organisation starting with different theories of communication. Also will explore the used communication skills, ways to overcome barriers to meet individual needs because of their many different elements can influence the communication process, and advantages in communication. In addition the last session is about how to use the standard software to support the work, why important, and benefits of information and communication technology in health and social care settings.

Exploring the communications skills in health and social care organisations
This essay argues that the communication is one of the most important elements of civilisation, this is how people exchange of words and meanings through common understanding. Communication is the way of sending and receiving messages one person to another. (F. C. Lunenburg, 2010)
Theories of communication
As a result of this fact the communication is based on different theories. Namely one of the main theories is the Behaviourist theory.
Lefrancoise (1988:29) argues that have two principal classes and they make use any of these classes of examples for learning. Both classes of behaviourism stated on very close to each other as for simultaneity of stimulus a response events, also stated on the effects of behaviour as for reinforcement and punishment. Behaviourism assumes that behaviour is observable and can be correlated with other observable events. Thus there are events that precede and followbehavior. The Behaviorism’s goal is to explain relatiomships between antecedent conditions (stimuli,…...

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