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Comparative Essay

Classical Chinese and Ancient Egyptian cultures reveal the complexities of love through their works of literature, which involves the feminine chastity in a romantic plot. Throughout history, women set the role model for the appropriate engagement in premarital sexual behavior with men. In the Classical Chinese poem, “Zhongzi, Please,” we uncover a conservative female character who is afraid of society's criticisms if she is seen with a male figure. On the other hand, in the Ancient Egyptian poem, "The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart," we encounter a rebellious female character who embarks on a mission to persuade her lover to indulge in a sexual relationship. Both poems in Ancient Egypt and Classical China share similarities because the character’s response to love reflects their cultural beliefs.
Confucius’ teachings about respect and obedience are reinforced several times in the Classical Chinese poem, “Zhongzi, Please,” through a female character’s reaction to her lover. The respectful manner to say “please” is used several times by the female to kindly ask her lover to pull back on his amorous advances. Also, we can infer the female’s usage of the word “please” as a strategy to attract her lover. The word “please” (1, 9, 17) conflicts with Confucius’ ideals of a women to restrain from romantic exposure, but his teachings are again reinforced with the repetition of line breaks of sentence for example, “Zhongzi, please / don’t cross my village wall” (1-2). According to Confucius’ teachings, the ideal behavior of young lady is to act properly with manners taught by her parents, and render obedience and respect to her family. Therefore, the young lady must follow those guideless when she is present with a male character.
The romantic plot found in the Classical Chinese poem, “Zhongzi, Please,” is an example of a female…...

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