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Animal Welfare Group: Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farming is a group dedicated solely to the cause of ending cruelty in farming. The group was started in 1967, in the house of a farmer, who was appalled by the techniques being used in farming that were cruel and inhumane. Compassion for World Farming has grown increasingly over the years and has had great success in their endeavors. The techniques being used are referred to as factory farming. “Factory farming is the modern practice of raising animals for food in extreme confinement, in order to maximize profits.

Some of the main issues with factory farming, that the Compassion for World Farming has successfully addressed are: banning veal crates in Europe and the United Kingdom, banning sow stalls in the Europe and United Kingdom, banning chicken battery cages in Europe, to put an end to subsidies and lower the maximum travel time to 8 hours, and the good egg award, which allows hens to live cage-free lives.

The group’s main focus when campaigning, is to campaign peacefully and to use the facts and proof to back up their campaigns. This is one of the main reasons the group has had such great success and they have helped a vast number of animals over their 40 year duration. They investigate thoroughly and publish reports of their investigations, which are accessible via their website. They frequently go under cover to gather information and that is primarily how they get the proof needed for their campaigns. Their supporters also play a big part in their accomplishments. Through their hard work and caring supporters, they continue to improve farm animal’s lives one day at a…...

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