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Competency Goal 1 Safe

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Competency Goal 1

To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment

FA1: Safe

Goals: • To provide an environment that is positive, nurturing, and encourages children to develop their own safe and healthy habits. • To provide safe environment to prevent and reduce injuries. • To report all incidents and accidents.

Activities – Indoors

Maintaining a safe environment for my class is very important. The first way to obtain this goal is to have a strong partnership with my parents. Everything I teach the children, I encourage the parents to reinforce. Having the children and parents well informed on our safety practices, makes it easier to keep it safe inside and outside the classroom.

Activities – Outdoors

I maintain a safe environment on the playground. The first step is to always have all the equipment checked. Having a professional annually inspect every aspect of the equipment ensures the safety of the children. When bringing the children to the playground there are several basic routines that we practice which increase the safety of our children. First, children must have a partner at all times. The children must hold their partner's hand and walk in twos.


As a teacher I believe safety is one of the most important things to give to a child besides health and education. A child and adult should feel safe as soon as they walk into the building in the morning. I practice safety in my classroom by placing items for children at their reach and all other items out of their sight. "Out of sight out of mind" I cover all outlet sockets, tape down all wires and lock all cabinets. Children like to explore and they will touch, feel and taste everything. I am trained in CPR and first aid in case i ever have a child swallow items or get hurt. Always keep an eye on each and every child at all times! I keep up to date on all trainings every year due to the changing climate of rules and regulations. I need to be quick witted in any situation.…...

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