Competition in the Movie Rental Industry: Netflix and Redbox

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SUBJ: A Look at the Competition Within the Movie Rental Industry



The competitive forces in the movie rental industry are quite strong, as I will explain through the five forces model. There are a vast amount of substitutes for watching a movie. You can go to a play, sporting event, concert, out the lake/beach, go for a run, watch regular television, go shopping; I could go on and on. Also, torrenting or pirating movies is growing increasingly popular. Buyers have a strong presence in this industry mainly because they are picky about how much they will pay to rent or stream a movie. With the amount of substitutes and their pickiness, they make this industry more competitive than what it may seem. Suppliers can make this industry very difficult because there is so much red tape in the movie industry. There are copyrights and restrictions on everything. This gives the supplier a lot of leverage and for the most part, they know that they can demand a price of just about anything. I see the potential and threat of new entrants being moderate to strong. First off; many customers have their loyalties whether it be to Netflix, Redbox or a local hometown movie rental. Secondly; pricing, availability and quality are all key factors. Lastly you have to have a large sum of money upfront in order to get the ball rolling. As I mentioned prior, gaining rights from movie companies is not cheap. The rivalry among the competitors is rather intense as they are battling for the best prices, biggest variety, quickest accessibility for the customer, and quality movies (HD streaming, few scratches and number of blu-rays).

With the growing increases in technology and home entertainment, there are major forces pushing for change in the movie rental industry. In addition to this; we now live in a world where people want something and they want it…...

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..........1 Industry Overview………………………………………………………………2-8 Client Profile & Competitor Analysis……………………………………9-17 Comparative Analysis……………………………………………………….18-19 Consumer Analysis………………………………………………………….20-23 Consumer Insights………………………………………………………….24-29 Survey…………………………………………………………………………….30-31 Results……………………………………………………………………………32-41 Recommendations…………………………………………………………..42-45 Appendix I……………………………………………………………………..46-48 Appendix II………………………………………………………………….…49-55 References………………………………………………………………………56-57 Will Haven, Lucy Ross, Jessica Stephens, Lauren West & Bonnie Willard Redbox is leading the way in the premier industry of DVD rental kiosks. With Coinstar as its established parent company, redbox is currently surpassing its competitors with its number of self-service kiosks. Redbox’s growing popularity is facilitated by its physical distribution, which places the kiosk in high traffic locations such as WalMart, Kroger, McDonalds and Walgreens. Due to redbox’s standing as the progressive option for DVD rental, its decision to target the 18-24 year old demographic was evident. This demographic embodies the idea of innovation, experimentation, and dependency on technology, all of which are imperative to transform an introductory product into a nationwide brand. The following report provides secondary and primary research in order to construct an accurate glimpse of redbox and its emergent status within the 18-24 year old target market of the DVD rental industry. This......

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