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Competitive Advantage
WD has established a strong consumer brand heritage with WD and G-Technology branded products businesses throughout storage industry as WD was the first to initiate media storage system in early years compare to competitors. (Western Digital Corp Annual Report 2009. 2009, pp.88) (Matthew Burris (2014) & (The History of Western Digital. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 2/3/15])
WD has invested in future development by acquisitions of sTec Inc (“sTec”), Velocity Inc (“VeloBit”) to strengthen enterprise SSD business in near future. At the same time investment has been made into Tegile Systems Inc a provider of hybrid storage arrays and Avere Systems, a supplier of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud to sustain in enterprise storage compare to its competitors. (Western Digital Corp Annual Report 2014. 2014, pp.125)
WD was one of the first media storage companies that offer up to 2 terabytes of space in its internal hard drives as part of its energy-saving Caviar Green range compare to its main competitor Seagate and when Seagate introduced its 2 terabyte of media storage, WD outrun Seagate by providing energy save drive with cheaper price. (Dieter Plas (2013). War On SSD. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 2/3/15])
WD under its subsidiary HGST started shipping a new helium-filled HDD, forefront of advanced technology for increasing capacity and significantly reducing total cost of ownership for enterprise and cloud customers thus placing WD strong in enterprise market. (Western Digital Corp Annual Report 2014. 2014, pp.125)
WD is the main developer and manufacturer in the heads and magnetic media used in WD hard drive products which at the same time enables WD…...

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