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Complaining vs Getting Involved

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Complaining vs. Getting Involved
Bernard Hernandez-Irizarry
October 31, 2013
University of Phoenix
Dr. Virginia Santiago-Acuna

Complaining vs. Getting Involved
I have chosen the topic complaining vs. getting involved. During the last decade I have often heard how difficult it has become to succeed and advance in a professional as well as a personal level globally. We hear how our government makes it even harder each day, by creating new taxes, laws and regulations that tend to only benefit the wealthy, protect the poor and leave us, the working class trapped in the middle. In most cases, carrying most of the burden of our country, and our community’s social and financial crisis. We often hear our family; friends and colleagues blame everything and everybody about his or her personal, financial as well as professional problems.
At work I often hear my colleagues and superiors constantly complain about their jobs. Most of us complain about our pay cuts, loss of benefits, and our work conditions. I also hear about how much our job has changed, how benefits and work related rules that protect and alleviate our work conditions seem like a dream, a thing from the past.
When I go to the supermarket, or even attend church I hear, my congregation complaining. It seems hard to get away from all of this negativity, and at times, trying to stay positive and non-reactive can feel almost impossible.
Yes its bound to happen, we all encounter difficulties in our lives, most of them unexpectedly. I can affirm and confirm that most of us, during these difficult times will feel the need to complain, and allow ourselves to be part of this negative wave that can drive us to criticism as well as negative thinking and complaining. We often hear that famous proverb, “misery likes company.” Can this be true? Are we all compelled day-by-day to act and react? Is conformism the only solution?
By not getting involved and behaving in such way we, only become part of a heard. Yes I use the term, “becoming part of the herd” because, when we only spend most of our time complaining and do not create solutions, we become zombies, or cows, or sheep that jump straight into a suicidal cliff, without struggle, without a fight.
I have learned that during difficult situations and hard times, complaining not only brings us down, it makes us part of that problem we try so hard, so desperately to avoid. It is important to keep a clear perspective of things. When we keep a positive outlook, many times we will find resistance from people who surround us, but we cannot not give up, we cannot stop fighting to improve ourselves, and our communities.
We must work harder when overcoming our tribulations, and stop avoiding our problems. We must create better options, better solutions. I remember a year ago a very smart lady, or I must rather say a very wise lady mentioned during my very first day attending class here at University of Phoenix, that during our journey here, we would encounter many obstacles. Her words were more like, there will people who will try to sabotage our goals and dreams, including spouses, our family members, friends, even ourselves. These words have stuck to me and I will never forget them as long as I live. These words come to me every time I trace a new project in my life.
She also mentioned that it is important to stay focused during this journey. I have learned that we always need to stay motivated, and against all odds finish what we start. Yes, we can sit and complain every time we face difficulties, but complaining, and doing nothing about situations life puts ahead of is not the solution to our problems.
In conclusion it is important to stay focused, find ways to resolve our personal problems, and stop making others responsible for such difficulties. When I have been encountered with similar situations what best works for me is to identify the problem. I find ways to make sure I create different solutions, what we commonly call plans A, B, and C. By making sure I realize A, B, and C are not the only letters in the alphabet, and keeping a positive way of thinking I have improved not only in my academic, personal, and my professional life, but I have noticed improvement concerning my physical and mental health. We should all try this, it worked for me. At first I experienced resistance, from all sources including myself, but with hard work and perseverance it becomes contagious, and things around us improve immensely.…...

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