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Complaints Are a Goldmine!!

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Shazad Mirza (GLOBIS JAPAN)

Complaints are a Goldmine! -> Yes, They are.

Complaints always play a very positive role in polishing corporation products and services. It may be a hard task to patiently gather this information as a tone of complaint.
Whether you really want to or not – A corporation has to deal with customer complaints if it wants to keep running smoothly.
We should look at complaints not just as complains about products & services but as a Feedback. This old saying should be modified as. Complaints are a Goldmine --> Feedbacks are a Goldmine
When, we get feedback from our client how do we feel? Of course we appreciate and show our gratitude toward the clients who spare his/her precious time and help us to improve our products & services.

Companies are spending huge amount of money to fulfill the demand of customers and market, and to keep them happy. If corporations want to gather a survey report about there products & services in the market, it needs a lot of resources to collect nation-wide data on the other hand feedbacks from the customers are free.
Listening to customer experiences and providing them right services, you are making them your loyal customers and they will spread the news about your services without costing you anything.
Corporations should make a reward policy for employees who gather most valuable feedback from customers and also reward the customer and by executing these feedbacks timely, you get the best form of free advertising
In today’s world, internet is at our finger tips and any Gossip about products & services can spread ridiculously faster in a very short time frame. A happy customer can spread that news via social media twitter, Facebook to their friends and colleagues, before you know it. There are a lot of potential customers who will see this information as a go ahead to purchase your services and it will reward the efforts that you have put forth.

Dealing with customer complaints is opening a door of easy, free advertising for your corporation.…...

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