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Human Resource Management Paper

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Harris-Stowe State University

Human resource management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns (Dessler, 2011). Human Resource management is tied into the concept of the management process which includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Planning is when goals are established, along with standards, developing rules, procedures, plans and forecasts. Organizing is when each subordinate is given a task, authority is delegated, and departments are established. Staffing is the process of when you determine what type of people you need to hire, developing them, and evaluating them. Leading may be the most important because it involves getting other to get the job done while maintaining morale and motivation. The last step is controlling which is when standards are set, performance is checked, and taking corrective actions implemented. This process is very similar to the steps that are involved in Human Resource Management. This process includes conducting job analyses, planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates, selecting job candidates, orienting and training new employees, managing wages and salaries, providing incentives and benefits, appraising performance, communicating, training and developing managers, and building employee commitment.

Now the question that many may have is, “Why is Human Resource Management important to all managers?” Many don’t understand that HRM needs to be established in every company to be run effectively and efficiently. Without a properly established Human Resource department a company may hire the wrong person for a job, experience high turnover, have people that are not doing…...

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