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Comprehensive Treatment Plan Kristina Clemens
BSHS/411 Field Experience/Part II
Kendra Penski

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

1.) Identifying Information:

a. Client is a 54 year old, causation women. She came to Troy after being at a Scripps facility for many years. Before that she had been married for an unknown amount of time.

2.) Presenting Problem:

a. When asking the client why she was at Troy facility she replied saying that she has emotional problems. Patient does in fact suffer from server anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Patient does not remember how long she has been suffering from these issues but by talking with her these problems have been affecting her for a very long time. She talks about her mother often and how they used to do things together, it seems they had a very close relationship. Present time patient does not speak to her mother often. Patient also has a sister that sends her things in the mail. Client said that she is only allowed to call her sister once a week and says when she sees her sister her sister instructs her to behave a certain way.

3.) Social History/Psychological History/Family History:

a. Client talks about living in Arizona sometime in her young childhood but eventually her and family moved to California. She does say that she was married at one point but says that she has always resided with her mother. She also stated that she went to college for a little while where she studied phycology but dropped out. Patient never had any children, just speaks of her mother, sister, and an old neighbor. Patient does not have any known alcohol or drug abuse.

4.) Strengths:

a. Although the client states that she does not have a social worker she does have some support from her sister and mother. Contact with relatives is…...

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