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Kudler Fine Foods’ Information Needs Kudler Fine Foods’ have a significant starting platform for their key business and information needs. With three stores and the profitability to increase their numbers in the future, it is necessary to evaluate Kudler Fine Foods in order to facilitate any technology changes needed to decrease the chances of growing pains in the foreseeable future. Keeping Kudler Fine Foods in a competitive position through technological growth will allow the company to expand and persevere in hard economic times.
Kudler Fine Foods has three stores that are all connected through a T3 dedicated line. This allows all stores to remain in proper communication with the other stores and helps each store assist the others when needed.
Kudler Fine Foods has many strengths in their information systems. The Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) that Kudler Fine Foods received from Smith Systems Consulting laid the groundwork for an effective information system however; there are areas of needed improvement.
The REM system came with a General Ledger module, Accounts Payable module, Point of Sale module, Bank Reconciliation module, and installed backup generators to assist in times of power failure.
Kudler Fine Foods also has a dedicated T3 line that connects all 3 of their stores together. This line allows to effortless communication between administration and their stores so that information is ready quickly and easily when needed.
Weaknesses and Solutions
With all the strengths of Kudler Fine Foods, there are multiple areas of advancement needed to assist Kudler Fine Foods in their everyday business activities to make them more competitive in their market. These changes and updates should be taken under serious consideration to not only limit the company from falling behind in their competitive standing with others in their market…...

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