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Daniela Cristina Montaner (28).
Simon Montaner (5)
Luciana Montaner (3)

I am a single mother with two kids, Simon (5) and Luciana (3). I am a realtor working as an independent contractor with almost ten years of experience on the International field. Salary depends on commissions but making an average of $47K/year. Tax return on 2011 was . Simon is going to a public school and Luciana is going to my mother’s house because as a latina I prefer education at home before 5 years old. My expenses are:
Rent or mortgage
Medical expenses
Cellular phone
Car insurance
Savings for retirement and future education of my 2 kids.

I project to retire at 75 and live in Bolivia where I only need about $1000/mo so I will need about $12K/yr times 10 years will mean about $120K for my retirement.
Having started to work at my 20 years old I think that it is realistic that I am going to be able to save enough money for this retirement. It means that in 50 years I need to save at least $200 /mo.

May 14, 2010 John by: Anonymous

I have been living here for two years.My wife is bolivianna. We lived in the US for 20 years and when I retired from my business we moved here.

As you say it have depends on your life style. We have a house in las palmas and is more of a up scale area. My home is 5600 sq ft 4 br 5 baths kitchen dinning slaon garden patio pool ect.

We have two maids grounds keeper. We have a large family some livig at home, four family members and the hired help is seven…...

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