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Course Reflection

Over the semester my writing has dramatically improved since my first day here at St. Edwards University. Throughout the semester I gained better writing habits and tactics, but I also obtained further knowledge on how to create well organized and formal academic papers. The main thing I've learned from this course is how to improve my writing process as a whole using correct grammar and punctuation, and creating better sentence transitions. My weakness as an incoming freshman was the ability to find my voice as a writer and develop a point of view so that I could expand on the things I wanted to say in my writing. I could create all these ideas for my paper, but as soon as I began to write, I would get stuck leading my paper into this big mess with no general direction. As a result, my paper would lose communication between the reader and myself. My paper would make sense to me, but as a reader, he/she might have misinterpreted the main point of my paper. On the other hand, my strengths in writing before August consisted of good organization skills to set up good ideas and thesis statements. I could create a good argumentative thesis statement to ensure some type of structure for my paper.

During the first week of the semester, my goal was to see improvement with my skills as a writer and critical thinker. As the year progressed, getting my colleagues and professor’s advice about the mistakes I was making in my papers influenced me on how to improve my writing skills and process. Instantly with the help of this course I improved my ability to write grammatically correct sentences. Overtime I have progressed as a writer developing clearer ideas for my audience. My papers now turn out to be more focused and better organized. The main thing I've learned from this course is how to be able to go into detail about a particular topic and…...

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