Criminal Investigation

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Truro Police Department

Policy Number: OPS-6.02 REFERENCE: TPDM Policy OPS-6.02.1 Effective Date: June 1, 2000 Revised Date: October 20, 2004

Accreditation Standards: Mass. Gen. Law: Chap. 90, Sec.22B, MRCP 14(a)(1)(A)(viii) Other: Comm. v. DiGiambattista, District Attorney’s Guidelines on Identification Procedures _________________________ POLICY: It shall be the policy of the Truro Police Department to conduct criminal investigations for the purpose of clearing crimes by arrest and/or complaint; to prosecute lawbreakers; and to recover stolen property. Whenever members of this department conduct an investigation, which requires the interrogation of a suspect, or an interview, connected therewith, all constitutional and statutory rights guaranteed under the law shall be afforded to the individual. The Truro Police Department will ensure that there is a screening of all reported offenses to assure adequate follow-up investigation whenever appropriate. Whenever possible, the District Attorney’s Guidelines on Identification Procedures with attached forms and checklists will be used when dealing with photo line ups, arrays, show ups and taped interrogations and identifications. (Revised October 20, 2004) PROCEDURES: 1. UNIFORM PATROLMEN CONDUCT PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATIONS: Most preliminary investigations will be conducted by members of the patrol force since they are usually the first to arrive at the scene and can start the investigation without delay. Patrolmen should pursue the initial investigation at the scene until such time that it seems unlikely to produce additional benefits. It may frequently be possible and desirable for patrolmen to conduct limited follow-up investigations of some crimes. Many times the name of a perpetrator may be known and an interrogation, while the incident is still fresh and before evidence of a crime can be…...

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...Don't Put The " Black Box " “It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what." ( Stephen Fry) . Censorship is blocking out the full truth for you to see or hear , censoring can be as simple as adding the black box , the beeeeep noises, or it can just be replacing a single word. We as free minded human beings should and will have to be allowed to see and hear the truth behind the black box or even the beeeeeeep noises because of the first amendment that protects our freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition. It is my opinion that censorship is unnecessary in general; as stated in the first amendment we have rights as people and censoring our freedom of press is unconstitutional. There should be no censorship on anything because it hides the full truth from us and that is very important because without knowing the truth you don't know anything about anything. As Wyman said " I can not add just one word to a sentence to completely change its meaning. Wait! I can add just one word to a sentence to completely change its meaning. In fact, I can add one letter: I can't add just one word to a sentence to completely change its meaning." It is as simple as removing a word or adding a word it gives you a......

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...Criminal Investigation: Final Essay Criminal Investigation 2530 12/3/15 Question 1 The first stage of the criminal investigation process is crime detection. First responding officers must take notes, watch persons leaving/entering crime scene area, scan, assess and reassess for officer’s safety. Officers need to address medical care issue to the people that need it. They must control, identify, and secure initial interviews. They must establish crime scene boundaries. Officers must identify and preserve crime scene evidence like the groceries, handwritten note, phone, bloody shoe print, shoe print in the dirt, fingerprints on the woman, gun bullet, and fingerprints on the purse like in the sample crime scene. Officers would most likely be doing different things at different crimes scenes. They must notify and brief investigators on what happened; and they must review and prepare final documentation. The second stage of the criminal investigation process is the preliminary investigation. Investigators need to: establish a division of labor, obtain information from first responders, interview key individuals like witnesses, conduct a reassessment of the crime scene, canvass the crime scene area, examine the crime scene and process the crime scene. Investigators must also photograph the crime scene, sketch the crime scene, measure the crime scene, search the crime scene, and do a final walk through and release the crime scene for evidence pertaining to the crime......

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...reflect a conscious choice to maintain space between dominant and co cultural members. The abuses I grew up with and faced in school lead me to choose a catholic. I also learned about this school from my Therapist. Trinity University is a ministry school and the class-room sizes are not huge like state schools. I cannot learn in large settings. Sometimes I wished I went to school far away. Penn-state was my interest. They did not admit me. When I applied, I was still living at home and the family was not scattered. I was just looking for a way out. After the passing of my brother I attended Test Technology College. I was in the Criminal Justice Program at first then I switched over to Medical Assisting. Becoming a Nurse was my goal however, when I found out that people’s lives are in my hands I switched back to Criminal Justice. My sticking with Criminal Justice also has to do with my brother’s murder from a stray bullet in 2006. Becoming a Prosecutor is my dream job after graduation. If I do not get into law school then I will go for my Master’s in Forensics’ or International Security. Due process and the protection of people’s rights truly interest me. IDENTITY, LOVE, AND LIFE LESSONS Even though, I grew up as a Catholic, which is Christian faith as we became older mummy started taking us to White garments churches. After a bad experience with that, our mother took us to Pentecostal churches. Eventually, most of us stopped going to church or went to churches of our own.......

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