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Crisis in the Movie "It's a Wonderful Life"

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1. Identify precipitating event(s). (10 pts.)
George Bailey’s life has been one existential crisis after another as he was inwardly challenged about his purpose in life and what he wanted for his own life. Through the death of his father he is left with two major dilemmas, taking over his father’s business so that the townspeople would not have to live under Potter, a slumlord/banker’s oppression. The second dilemma was sending his brother off to college instead of himself. The third dilemma was deciding to marry, thus giving up his dreams forever of college and travelling the world. And his fourth, letting his brother off the hook for taking over the family lending business when he returned from college married, and with the potential of job provided by his new wife’s father. George’s crises are also developmental in his giving up his youthful dreams of travelling the world and replacing it with marriage at the sage advice of his mother where she states” Mary has all the answers.” Crisis can culminate over time as they did for George. George is now facing a situational crisis that leads him towards suicide. George has always done right by everyone putting others needs before his own. When the slumlord/banker Potter steals $8000 from George’s business by stealing the deposit George’s mentally slow uncle was making. George turns to Potter begging him for a loan; Potter turns him down and calls the police on George. George takes the blame, faces jail time, becomes severely depressed, takes out his pain and frustration on his family, and then decides to commit suicide. Wright (2011) offers this insight: “25 percent of those who commit suicide do so after giving it quiet consideration and weighing the pros and cons of living and dying. They decide that death is the best option” (p. 302).

2. Identify the type of crisis (Situational, Developmental,…...

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