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CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sometimes it is called customer management, customer value management, customer centricity, and customer-centric management. CRM has long been the buzzword for airlines aspiring to 'one-to-one' relationships with all customers, all of the time. Its underlying principles are well established too - those airlines that can effectively attract, serve and retain the best customers will see significant positive effects on their bottom line profitability. The deeper the relationship the airline holds with these customers, the more opportunities there will be for selling additional products and services. However, with the emergence of e-business and the 'new economy', the challenges of building strong customer relationships have become even greater.

2.Introduction The jet age and the resulting euphoria in the market have given the ultimate weapon in the hands of the marketers. They now possess many options with them to persuade the customers to buy their products and services. But also because all of these advance, the customer is no more brands loyal. The more the options they have in the market place, the less they are brand loyalist. And because of all of these, the focus of every company competing in the market place has gradually shifted from customer satisfaction to customer delight. i.e. they are now busy in finding new and innovative way to satisfy the customers so that they will…...

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