Customer Service in Telecom Sector in Bangladesh

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Tanvir Ahmad Torophder
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Samad Ahmed Chowdhury 1001010010
Tanzina Akther 1001010014
Rumena Akther Chowdhury 1001010016
Aysha Jahan Reme 1001010017
Nasima Begum 1001010018
S.M. Humayoun Kabir 1001010019
Md. Abdul Wadud 1001010036
24th Batch, Section-A
Department of Business Administration

Leading University, Sylhet

Submission Date: May 5, 2011

May 05, 2011

Tanvir Ahmad Torophder
Department of Business Administration
Leading University
Sylhet- 3100

Subject: Submission of report on “Customer Service in Telecom Sector “(a case study on Sylhet zone)

Dear Sir:
We the SPARK group glad to present our report on “ Customer Service in Telecom Sector “ (a case study on Sylhet zone) that you have offered us to prepare as a requirement of Business Communication course.
This report provides us with a learning experience & knowledge. We tried our best to gather most complete & relevant information.
We are greatly hopeful that this report will meet up your expectation & will clarify the idea about the subject. We tried to prepare this report according to your prescribed guidelines.
While working on this report we have gained valuable knowledge & unforgettable experience. We are very much glad to prepare this report for you.

Sincerely yours
Name ID No. Signature

Samad Ahmed Chowdhury 1001010010
Tanzina Akther 1001010014
Rumena Akther Chowdhury 1001010016
Aysha Jahan Reme 1001010017
Nasima Begum 1001010018
S.M. Humayoun Kabir 1001010019
Md. Abdul Wadud 1001010036…...

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