Dangers of Texting

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Dangers of Texting

With the advent of the cell phone came a new means of social media and communication called texting. But with all the benefits an emerging technology can offer, we can’t always predict what the impact will be on our society. This new form of communicating brought with it its own dialogue as well as its own dangers. We’ve seen an increase in accidents caused by distracted teen drivers who were texting, a new medium of bullying in our schools, and the newest trend that’s become popular with teens and young adults known as “sexting”. As cell phones become more popular, and the age of cell phone users gets younger and younger, so will the person who will be exposed to sexting. As our younger generation gets ever more influenced by the proliferation of sexually explicit images in the media and scantily dressed celebrities, the more difficult the job of a parent will become. How many more teens need to die from texting while driving or from committing suicide after sexting provocative images before we recognize this growing problem? With the introduction of texting to our youth and the impact it has on our society, we have been presented with a whole new set of concerns and it is clear that these concerns need to be addressed. The first forewarning of the dangers this new form of communication presented, came in the increase of distracted driver fatalities. The statistics paint a disturbing picture of just how big this problem is. An article in Forbes magazine reports that texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths every day and is the cause of 25% of all accidents with over 330,000 injuries each year. The NHTSB (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) reports that texting and driving is 6 times more dangerous than driving while…...

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...get to places quicker than by taking a bus with many stops or walking. Also having the ability to text others on their cell phones speeds up the process of communication. People who own cell phones try to combine texting and driving to make personal calls or for business matters. While driving they check their emails or even go on the Internet! Texting while driving is a highly controversial issue and is discussed constantly all around the world. As a result of texting and driving, many more car accidents occur each day and because of this, research has been conducted about why people text and drive, the dangers of texting while driving, the statistics, laws in New Jersey, and ways to prevent texting while driving. Not only can texting and driving be dangerous for yourself, but it can be dangerous for others around you. When first getting your driver’s license, you are taught to keep your eyes on the road. You are taught to drive with no distractions and to concentrate on what is ahead. After becoming comfortable, drivers soon realize that they can do a lot more than just have two hands on the wheel and drive. Nowadays it is very common to see drivers glancing down at their phone or even holding it up to the steering wheel. Is this because drivers are addicted to texting while driving or is it a matter of just no self-control? Atchley’s study “Why Do We Still Text and Drive” stated, “If you are addicted to something you make irrational decisions.” For example, if you are an......

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...Texting 1) Text messaging is one of the most used forms of communication A) According to the article, "everyone speaks text messages," by Rosenberg, over the past decade, 65% of communications made through a cell phone have been through text messages B) People use texts to send quick messages and even for very lengthy conversations. C) People use texts to talk to many people from strangers to their parents. D) This affects people by making their life more difficult, especially their social life. 2) Nowadays, younger adults text a lot on an everyday basis. A) This can distract them from everyday life in many ways B) People will text while driving, which distracts them from the road and can cause accidents C) Last year, 25% of car accidents were cause by texting while driving. D) 9 out of 10 students will also text while in class, which distracts students from learning and getting the education they need. 3) Today, teenagers text while they are with their friends or family A) I have seen a group of friends who were at a restaurant and all of them had their heads down looking at their cell phones B) Instead of having conversations with each other, they will sit on their cell phone and send text messages to others C) In my experience, I've seen people who will pull out their cell phone in the middle of a conversation and begin to text......

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