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Enterprise IT Architecture It is essential that our company implements a tier III data center. By doing this, we will yield a savings of $13 million over the next three years. Implementing a tier III data center is so important, since it will make our data management more efficient. Continuing to use a Tier I system is causes us to experience frequent down time since it is has no safeguard to an unplanned interruption in service. However, the key features of a Tier III data center provides backup in case of power outages and allows for data access when certain paths aren’t accessible. This will reduce downtime by .31%. (Uptime Institute) These multiple independent distribution paths aim to continue system operation in the case of any disruption from unplanned circumstances. They also include multiple cooling distribution paths and are concurrently maintainable (, meaning that system problems could be fixed while the system is still online. Installing a tier III data center will strengthen our data management. After analyzing the figures, it is the clear that we will see a quick return on our investment in a Tier III data center. Installing the data center will take a year to complete and cost us $35 million dollars. Although this might seem like a large investment, we must keep in mind that we lose $14,800 dollars for every minute of downtime. With 10 outages to our ERP system in the last year alone, minimizing the amount of downtime is crucial. After installation of the data center is finished, our company will have saved over $48 million dollars in recovery of downtime over the next three years. Investing in redundant safeguards to our data center will be key to staying competitive amongst rival business.

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