Dealing with Neighborhood Preservation

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Dealing with Neighborhood Preservation
Mike Stephenson.
EN3220-Written Analysis
December 14th, 2012

This is a short paper on one of my few dealings with Neighborhood Preservation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The issue they had with me was the fact that our house had chipped and peeling paint on the exterior trim. The rest of the paper includes what I did to resolve the issue they had with me.

Dealing with Neighborhood Preservation
This all started when one day coming home from our capstone class there was a piece of paper taped to the front door. The piece of paper was from the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation/Code Enforcement Division. It stated they were conducting inspections in our area and that our property was found to be in violation. The violations were for chipped and peeling paint on the exterior trim of the house. If the violations were not corrected within thirty days then there is the possibility of being fined up to $2,500.00.
Upon receiving this, I began to develop a step by step procedure to help resolve the issue, since most of my time was already being spent on work for our capstone class. The first step was to call and talk to the Code Enforcement Inspector. This step took almost a week to complete because we ended up playing phone tag with each other. Once we were finally able to catch each other, I was able to ask a few questions concerning the violations, time frame for completion, and to notify them of my school situation on the chance that we could work something out. It just so happened that the inspector understood and we were able to stretch the completion date as long as I stayed in contact with them and updated them on my progress.
The next step I took was to recruit some help from school, which ended up being my capstone group. Now, after getting the recruited help, next was to schedule…...

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