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Create a Universal Group called Replication Management Admins in an OU you’ve chosen to hold groups for delegated access or other security related task. Open ADSI Edit and connect to the Configuration Naming Context as seen in the image below. Once you've selected Configuration in "Select a well known Naming Context", click OK

Expand the Configuration Naming context and right click the Naming Context node below it. See the picture below for the arrow indicating where you should right-click.

Next Click Properties Click the Security Tab Click the Advanced button Click Add Enter the name of the Universal Group you created in Step 1 and click OK In the Permission Entry for Configuration box scroll to the bottom and tic the Allow box for the Replication Synchronization permission. Ensure that "This object and all child objects" is selected for the Apply to and click OK

Click Apply, then OK, and then click OK once more and you should be back to ADSI Edit with no open dialog boxes.

Task 2 of 2

After you’ve completed steps 1-10 in Task 1 you'll need to view all the replicated partitions and do the same process for each partition.

Click on CN=Partitions under CN=Configuration, DC= to view the partitions in the Configuration naming context.

On each partition right click each object and select New Connection to Naming Context.

Note: You don't have to do this for Enterprise Configuration because that was completed above in steps 1-10.

When you have made a new connection to each you'll want to expand each new connection as was done in Task 1 Step 3. Once this is complete you’ll repeat Task 1 Steps 4-10 for each directory partition.

Finally, have a user that is a member of the universal group you’ve created log in and open Active…...

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