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Demand Creation of Online Services for B2B and Consumer Market – Food Delivery in Vietnam

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Master of Science Thesis

Prof. Olavi Uusitalo has been appointed as the examiner at the Council Meeting of the Faculty of Business and Technology Management on January 9th, 2013.


TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Master’s Degree Programme in Business and Technology Management DOAN NGOC, HA: Demand creation of online services for B2B and consumer market – Food delivery in Vietnam Master of Science Thesis, 75 pages, 4 appendices (4 pages) January 2013 Major: Industrial management Examiner(s): Professor Olavi Uusitalo Keywords: online service, customer demand, B2B and consumer market, online marketing, food delivery The evolution of the Internet and the dynamic of the economy nowadays have created opportunities for young companies to enter the online market. The source of these opportunities comes from the changes of customer behavior as they get used to the digital world. New Internet-based products and services are created to offer more and more benefits to customers. Interestingly, the dynamic of the market does not only come from the changes of customer behavior but also from the fast development of technology and innovative ideas. Successful products and services even shape the behavior of customer in using Internet. It can listed here the famous examples of Amazon in changing online purchasing behavior of customer or Facebook in changing the way people communicate and connect with each other. This research studies a new business model in online market, a multi-restaurants site which enables customers to order delivery food online. The model studied in this research is from the case company in Vietnam named As this is an emerging market segment in the market, customers are still not aware of the service model. Thus, the purpose of…...

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