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ConvaTec Moldable Technology™
Skin Barriers

Case Studies

Proven safety and effectiveness for use with colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies1

ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers and Your Practice
Rationale for Using ConvaTec
Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers
1. Ease of teaching patients/transitioning to independence
2. Eliminates complications from incorrect flange sizing/preparation
3. Ease of teaching staff how to use product and care for patients
4. Positive change in nursing staff’s attitude due to ease of use/simplicity of application
5. Minimizes need for accessories (such as paste)
6. Works well in the presence of complications (ie, stomal prolapse)

Actual Benefits for Practice Experience from the patient:
1.  acilitates care - removes complexity of care, allowing
for some patient independence and confidence to occur sooner in post-op teaching period
2.  inimizes concerns about peristomal/stomal
complications, particularly in the new ostomy patient.
Skin barrier will evolve with the patient as stoma decreases in size over the initial post-operative period.

Preparation of a Non-Moldable
Skin Barrier

3.  inimizes worry about transitioning patient to
home and varying levels of skill offered by home support services
4.  imple to teach any patient, regardless of language
barriers or patient having poor hand/strength/dexterity
5.  otentially minimizes amount of product needed to be stocked

Demonstrated Benefits for Patients
1. Earlier attainment of success/independence in care
2. Reduced time needed for self care due to system simplicity
3. Fewer products required for many patients
4. Virtually eliminates complications for improper product use/preparation
Clinician:  o Hoeflok, RN BSN MA ET ACNP CGN, St Michaels Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Case  tudy #1:…...

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