Denial Letter

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Denial Letter
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Hotel of the West
39115 Trade Center Drive
Palmdale, CA 93551
E-mail: Phone: (888) 555-1234
Jack Preacher
Human Resources Manager
January 12, 2014
Jeff Clarke
Assistant Manager
4567 Trans Way
Palmdale, CA 93551

Subject: Request for Emergency Leave
Dear Mr. Clarke,
I have received your request for emergency leave, dated January 18th through the 19th, for the upcoming weekend. We respect you as an assistant manager, and value the professional dynamic you bring to the workplace. As a family oriented company, we are sympathetic and understand your situation. However, we support the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which states employees are entitled to take leave due to family or medical emergencies under specific reasons. However, taking medical leave to care for an employee’s grandparents does not fall under the FMLA qualifications. In addition, our company policy, section 4, paragraph 5, states that an employee may not take more than one emergency leave per quarter. You have taken three emergency leaves in the last two months. Therefore, I cannot grant your request for emergency leave at this time.

As you know, this weekend will be busy for the hotel due to the electronic engineer’s conference coming to town on Friday. Therefore, I will need all our full-time staff that is already on the schedule, present and ready to work…...

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