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Each of these things needs to be done to have a good organization. Departmentalization is needed to do each group jobs efficiently. It can and does cause problems between workers. Such as when another group of workers is supposed to do a job and fail to do so, it then may fall onto another set of workers to complete. Where I work we are required to do housekeeping, v and our own job s of taking care of our patients. This causes problems because when we don’t have time to do something such as the nightly cleaning of the wheelchairs, and lifts. It causes upper management to get mad because it wasn’t done. Matrix organizations, is taking employees from every department and making a group that lets their upper management know how everything is going for those in their respectively departments. This does not make them tattle tells, as I am sure a lot of people would call them. They are there to help the upper management learn if changes need to be made to help the employees do a better job. These can cause problems because the other employees in a group may think the person doing the reporting is doing nothing but trying to get the other employees in trouble.
Project teams are employees from all parts of the organization, and are grouped together to do a set project. This can be good for each group to interact with those outside of their normal groups. Project teams can cause problems though when those chosen don’t get along well, are not being corruptive with those who they are trying to help.
The collegial model is a group that can make choices without having to get permission from the upper managements. This works well when each time a person needs to make a choice they do not have to check first with those above them. There are times it is important to consult those above one, but to have to make choices every time based on what is needed, can cause…...

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...Small Business > Advertising & Marketing > Sales & Marketing What Are Types of Departmentalization That Would Be Used in a Restaurant? by Tracey Sandilands, Demand Media Google Food preparation may be a different department than the serving of customers. Food preparation may be a different department than the serving of customers. Related Articles How to Bypass an iPhone Activation Without a SIM Card on Windows How Long Do Pre Employment Background Checks Take to Come Back? How to Reset an iPhone if it is Password Protected How to Find a Hostname for an IP Address How to Find an IP Address and Port Number The Five Stages of the Strategic Management Process Departmentalization is an aspect of organizational design that includes the subdivision of a business into units based on their function or other criteria. Most companies, including restaurants, are likely to use two or more types of departmentalization simultaneously. Some of the standard methods of departmentalization include grouping jobs by functional activities, product types, customer groups, geography or location, processes, and chain of command. Ads by Google Free Org Chart Maker Make an organizational chart & work w/ others online. Free 7-day​/​org-chart-maker Location A restaurant is likely to use a combination of different groupings. Location is likely to be used in a restaurant chain, where more than one branch of the same chain exists in a region, city or county.......

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