Determination of Valency of Magnesium

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Title: Experiment 2 Determination of the valency of the magnesium
Objective: -To study the quantitative relationship between the amount of reactants and products of a reaction.
-A known starting mass of magnesium and the measured collection of hydrogen gas will be used to determine the reaction stoichiometry and the valency of magnesium.
- To identify the unknown X value in the chemical equation between magnesium and hydrochloric acid
- To determine the valency of magnesium
Stoichiometry is the study of the quantitative relationship between amounts of reactants and products of a reaction (that is, how many moles of A react with a given number of moles of B). In this section, a known starting mass of magnesium and the measured collection of hydrogen gas will be used to determine the reaction stoichiometry. Magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen gases. The aim of this experiment is to determine the value of x in the following equation:
Mg + X HCI → MgCIX + H2
A known amount of magnesium is reacted with a large excess of HCl, and the volume of H2 evolved is measured. As HCl is in excess, all the magnesium will be consumed, and the yield of both MgClX and H2 is dependent on the amount of magnesium used. A comparison of the amount of hydrogen produced with the amount of magnesium consumed will enable the X value to be determined.
Apparatus and Materials: Magnesium ribbon, 0.5M Hydrochloric acid, Burette (50 cm3), Pipette (25 cm3), Retort stand, Funnel, Glass rod, Thermometer, Watch glass, Beaker (500 cm3), Gauze, Electrical balance
1. The volume of unmarked space in a clean, dry 50 cm3 of burette was determined by pipetting 25.00 cm3 of water into the vertically clamped burette. The burette reading was noted. The burette was drained and repeated. The water was left in the burette for 10 min and…...

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