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Detrimental Impacts of Both Working Parents on Their Children

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A Thesis

Presented in Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Psychology Course of BS(A&F) at FAST-NU, Lahore

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We have conducted a survey on the topic: “DETRIMENTAL IMPACTS OF BOTH WORKING PARENTS ON THEIR CHILDREN”. Before selecting this topic, we took instructions from our teachers and seniors. Under the supervision of or teacher, we prepared a questionnaire and conducted a survey. We are indebted to our teacher for her advice as we prepared this report. We are especially grateful to the students of FAST-NU, LUMS, LSE, GC University and Punjab University for giving their point of view regarding this topic and helping us with the survey.


Abstract | 03 | Statement of Problem | 04 | Purpose | 04 | Central Phenomenon | 04 | Literature Review | 05 | Limitations of Study | 05 | Key Question | 05 | Survey Method | 06 | Introduction to The Topic | 10 | Causes: Why Do Parents Work? | 12 | Child Development: The Critical Parent-Child Relationship | 14 | What Kids Think About Working Parents | 17 | Stress on Working Mother | 18 | Effects on the Children of Working Parents | 19 | Problems Faced by the Children | 22 | Solutions to the Problems | 24 | Conclusion | 27 | Questionnaire | 28 | Graphical Representation of Survey | 33 | References | 34 |


Ever since both the parents began entering the work force, the debate has been looming over parents who enter the work force and those who choose to remain at home with their children. Such concerns are whether or not having both working parents negatively affects their children emotionally and/or academically. Another concern is the stress level a working parent faces daily. This research is done to inquire these concerns and a survey is conducted to…...

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