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Organizational Change: Motivation, Communication, and Leadership Effectiveness
Ann Gilley, Jerry W. Gilley and Heather S. McMillan

rganizational leadership behaviors have a Research indicates that numerous variables have an impact on a leader’s direct influence on actions in the work eneffectiveness. This study explores the vironment that enable change (Drucker, behaviors associated with leadership 1999; Gilley, 2005; Howkins, 2001). Leaders may funceffectiveness in driving change. The tion as change agents—those individuals responsible findings confirm previous research that identifies change effectiveness skills, for change strategy and implementation (Kanter, Stein, while isolating the specific leader be& Jick, 1992)—by creating a vision, identifying the need haviors deemed most valuable to imfor change, and implementing the change itself. plementing change: motivation and Organizations remain competitive when they supcommunication. port and implement continuous and transformational change (Cohen, 1999). As a result, organizational change has been the subject of much research. Many have sought to explain the fundamentals of change, how to manage change, and why change is so difficult to achieve. In spite of numerous theories, models, and multistep approaches, organizational leaders lack a clear understanding of, or ability to engage, the steps necessary to implement change successfully (Armenakis & Harris, 2002). Research suggests that the problem is limited understanding of change implementation techniques and inability to modify one’s management style. Theories, models, and multistep approaches might not include sufficient implementation guidance. Recent studies reveal that change efforts often suffer a dismal fate. Some research indicates a failure rate of one-third to two-thirds of major change initiatives (Beer & Nohria, 2000; Bibler, 1989); more pessimistic…...

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