Different Movie, Different Life

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Different Movie, Different Life
I like watching movies in my spare time, such as action movies, emotion movies, and suspense movies, actually I like all kind of movies except horror movies. Action movies can make me passionate and feel good, and actors in action movies are handsome and cool. I am excited by the fight scenes in action movies, which are amazing. I also enjoy in emotion movies. That kind of movies can show me various emotions in our life, and teach me what they are and let me know I should treasure them. Furthermore, I can realize the emotion which I never seen in my life. I can exercise my ability of thinking when I watch suspense movies. My brain is thinking when I watch that movies in a whole time. And I really admire creator of that kind of movies, they are genius and so smart. Let me talk about this kind of movies I dislike, horror movies. Somebody say watch horror movies can release pressure and relax themselves, but I do not think so. I am so upset and afraid when I see something about horror movies, even a playbill or a soundtrack. I do not know why so many people like watching horror movies.
My favorite movie is called The Shawshank Redemption. I think so many people have seen this movie. This is an old movie which shown in 1994, I was 2 years old in that year. I watched it some months ago; the story really shocked me indeed. The story is about a banker called Andy; he was falsely charged with murdered his wife and his wife’s lover. He used 19 years to prepare escape from prison, and he used a small hammer to dig a tunnel to go out of prison. Furthermore, he was rich and helped his friend in prison after he got out, because of his 19-year preparing in prison. Andy is so smart and full of willpower, I admire him very much.
I see the grade of this movie on a website is 9.5 (total grade is 10), This demonstrates the great mass of people all…...

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