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Digital Creations: a Chance or a Trap for the Furture Investment

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CHEN Fei wen

Executive summery

The purpose of this report was to analyze the situations of TeamLab and digital creations, discuss some implementation plans and explore the related market.

1. major issues
After reading the materials, there are about three major issues on TeamLab. Details as blew.

First of all, at the current market situation, commercial application of digital creations still remains immature. Though the market is still a Blue Ocean, it is hard for TeamLab to make a reasonable profit. There is not enough demand from the market, so TeamLab is still a long way to off.

Secondly, there seems to be a lack of brand promotion. TeamLab usually waited the projects to come in rather than actively strove for its business. TeamLab business model is based on previously word of mouth, which would be a limitation for its further development.

Lastly, the oversimplified organizational structure is an important problem crying out for solution. In order to raise operating margin, TeamLab creates the “Catalyst” position. But actually it is still too simple to extent the company scale.

2. the trade-offs involved in different scenarios
The trade-offs involved in these scenarios should be assessed in the business environment, the company strategy, market promotion plan and internal organization structure.

3. the recommendation and implementation plan
According to the result of the analysis and discussion, I think TeamLab can implement three plans as followed.

First, it is time for TeamLab to expand the product line and stamp “patent protection” on its inventions.

Second, begin to comb the layout of the target customer and enhance the brand promotion strategy.

Third, TeamLab has to redesign the company internal…...

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