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Digitization & Web Presence Proposal for Bungalow Admirers Magazine

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Business assessment, Viability of the product or service:
Bungalow Admirers Magazine offers their customers not only a look into the origins and original modern American home, the 'Bungalow' but also sheds light on the ways of life, the ethics that come with the American bungalows and their residents! As the company motto states, “Published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American 20th century home the Bungalow and the rich lifestyle that it affords”. Bungalow Admirers Magazine works to not only give a beautifully aesthetic design to its customer base but also history on the bungalow design itself, plus, different bungalow based styles, subcultures surrounding the bungalow, its underlying message, information on how it was brought back into modern times, all while still keeping its bungalow roots and initial craftsmanship. Bungalow Admirers Magazine deal in interesting stories related to the home, the land, including the people themselves to give the reader a truly intriguing read, including a very strong visual stimuli and a grounded moralistic, ethically based lifestyle to go along with the aesthetics and storytelling. Bungalow Admirers Magazine also give insights into bungalow gardens, about remodeling your bungalow home while still keeping the original design, why certain designs came to be, where many of them would be located around the United States, advertisers working to maintain the bungalow, its rich lifestyle and many other items of interest based around this niche market! Bungalow Admirers Magazine promote not only the American dream and American lifestyle of the 20th century but Bungalow Admirers Magazine also promote individual ideas that are still today resurfacing in new light, such as, living within your means, having a small home with a large garden, knowing your neighbors,…...

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