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Dippin’ Dots (Strategy Implementation)

Question to be addressed:
Using the relevant analytical tools conduct an evaluation of the
Company’s Internal Capabilities. Matching these capabilities against the key success factors of the industry give your opinion on the Company’s competitive position.

In an industry awash with competitors, Dippin‟ Dots (DD) is reliant upon particular technological features in the manufacturing, production and distribution of the flash ice-cream product. This is what fundamentally sets it apart from its rivals. Indeed, the industry-life cycle is generally considered to be at the maturity stage, however DD‟s intellectual capital rests upon the ability of its scientific people to continue to create a product that is following a
“breakaway positioning” strategy whereby there is a concerted effort to bring to market goods and services that are perceived by customers as somehow being different (Dess, 2006: 178). Seen in this light, DD‟s cryogenically produced products can be categorised as occupying a particular growth stage of the industry life-cycle, within a wider market that is at the point of maturity. The firm is therefore following a differentiation strategy, which concomitant elements of a focussed strategy, as is evidenced by a segmentation strategy which specifically concentrates on the 8-18 year old demographic.
The company hopes to capture a loyal niche following that will gravitate to its products because of the perceived quality that sets the flash ice-cream experience apart from the rest of what is on offer in the market place. DD is adhering to the recognized standards of quality excellence where the dimensions of quality products are carefully honed and refined. The thinking goes that once a firm has attained such quality excellence it then becomes possible to harness all of the firms energy in…...

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