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Discuss Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Motivational Strategies as Applied in Various Organizational Cultures with the Relevant Models.

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There are many motivational strategies. Some of them are listed below
 Pay for Performance This is a one system of remuneration program which popular at this moment, it’s depend upon the evaluation if the result is good you will receive more salary increase.

 Using Merit Pay A merit raise is a salary increase, usually permanent, that is based on the employee’s individual performance. It is a continuing increment rather than a single payment like bonus. Relying heavily on merit rewards can be a problem because the reinforcement benefits of merit pay are usually only determined once per year.

 Using Spot Awards A spot award is one given to an employee as soon as the laudable performances observed. These rewards are consistent with principles of motivation because they are based on good performance and are awarded immediately.

 Using Skill-Based Pay With Skill-based pay, employees are paid for the range, depth and types of skills and knowledge they are capable of using there than for the job they currently hold. Skill-based pay is consistent with motivation theory because people have self-concept in which they seek to fulfill their potential. The system also appeals to the employee’s sense-efficiency because the reward is a formal and concrete recognition that the person can do the more challenging job well.

 Using Recognition Some employees highly value day-to- day recognition from their supervisors, peers and team members because it is important for their work to be appreciated by others, Recognition helps satisfy the need people have to achieve and be recognized for their achievement.

 Using Empowerment Empowerment means giving employees the authority, tools and information they need to do their jobs with greater autonomy

 Using Goal-Setting Methods People are strongly…...

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