Disk Management and Maintenance

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Having a reliable storage for people to save their files, documents or projects at is important because if they do put it into storage they know they might or will need later. Losing important work stuff can cause a lot of trouble with the bosses or the managers because the company will be losing money while the employee has to redo the work that was done in the given time. This will also fall on my shoulders because I’m responsible for the quality of my work, which includes keeping the hard disk as reliable as possible and backing up the data if possible.
One of the ways to achieve reliability on the hard disk is by doing occasional disk cleaning. Microsoft has a tool called Disk Cleanup which allows me to delete any unneeded files, temporary internet files, files in the Recycle Bin, Hibernation files, setup log files, temporary files, thumbnails and office Web pages. Although it may sound that this tools delete too many things at once, it actually has the capability of choosing what particular things the users wants to be deleted. It is great because it keeps the hard disk from being crowded with stuff that is completely useless and just takes up the space for the important stuff.
Another way of making sure the disk is not being slowed down is by doing the defragmentation. If the hard drive is used extensively and large files are being stored the will be full of fragments very soon. Microsoft has also shown initiative with this issue and the Disk Defragmentation tool was created. This program is very easy to use but also crucial in making sure there are fewer complaints about my hard disk working slower than before. Before doing the disk defragmentation the program allows me to analyze the disk for any fragments. It will show me how badly the disk is and if the disk has been cleaned and defragmented than how much fragments are left from the recent use. After…...

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